Ablaze - 2011/05/28

Men in metal wield gaseous flames
The rising smoke scars a dark sky
They burn to wipe out every trace
Of a secret sown in each sad face

What was done shall not be undone
The past is impervious to revenge
Men of duty will not question why
Which is why all of them must die

Armies of peasants knives in hand
Freshly stolen from warm kitchens
Puncture the jugulars of firebugs
Leaving them to lay dead as thugs

They came to kill and left ghosts
Their ashes scattered to the wind
In hell they comfort dead friends
Here on Earth this never happened

Scintillating secrets slain today
Sow the seeds of legends tomorrow
Deeds unseen never go unmentioned
For fools pave the way to descend

When the firebugs return to fight
Determined to wage the futile war
Shall children in their beds bake
Or shall we arm them as they wake

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