Duality - 2011/05/25

One is birthed of scorned hearts
The other is fiction of the mind
A pained first seeks reparations
The other knows we will not find
Preconceived notions that tumble
Leave foundations of foolishness
Swatted aside when reality dawns
Upon repertoires of cluelessness

I see shades of chaos and hatred
Draping a whole world in egotism
These wrongs demand full revenge
This is about me damn any schism
If it shall not abide we destroy
Stripping all others of identity
Touchy standards writ by my eyes
Inherently grant me my indemnity

Look upon this dog eat dog world
Dare to join a new hunger strike
Ignore that petty urging of pain
To strike at what we do not like
If we exist by an eye for an eye
Then get prepared to die from it
For the flames of anger now rise
And shall not stop when you spit

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