Incubus Foiled - 201/05/27

It is pitch black
Darkness wafts every which a way
Grunts and noises echo off walls
Time weaves the tapestry of fear

It can smell fear
Phantoms of the mind fill the eyes
Who attempt to caress my warm flesh
Each chill brings a thousand others

It hates our heat
Legions of the dead energy decrepit
Are offended by a presence so fresh
Dissipation is the primary recourse

It is eternally alone
Nothing claimed means nothing owned
Herein we are introduced to nothing
All you are is subsequently reduced

We are without form
We are without heat
We are without love
We are without life

It manifests confusion
That course is reversing as I rise
Dire darkness is obscured by light
So life indeed thrives in the eyes

It experiences
The incident will not be forgotten
From nothing an entity now emerges
With a cryptic story it will share

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