Mission Accomplished - 2011/05/07

Dark eyes shine no more
Ever appearing befuddled
As news crosses the seas
Every fact gets muddled
We thirst for information
As on it we have a grasp
For not even his passing
Shall release his clasp

There shall be no trials
Or even public accounting
As we flounder in his trap
Where we are now drowning
Trade our lives for yours
We take an eye for an eye
Yet if it was that simple
Why did so many more die

Our friends seem enemies
While enemies do befriend
Everybody bought and paid
What bonds do they defend
Lo and behold that knife
Protruding from our backs
Was purchased with dollars
That paid every legal tax

What riddles do I now tell
Or blasphemies will I evoke
While so slyly pointing out
We great bribers are broke
Yet it pales in comparison
To the truth in our hearts
As a nation we are no longer
Beyond the sum of our parts

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