Mystical Malady - 2011/05/26

Dreams of the fervor circling
Softer times when I was awake
While the air has a new taste
Enhancing the illusion I make
My wit assaulted by a disease
Together dulled and sharpened
Dismal colors now my radiance
Crazy rope by which I descend

My puss ejected at high speed
Is the fuel for the new flame
What was once dull and boring
So boldly refuses to be tamed
Ethereal symphonies enhancing
Notes that are otherwise lost
Encouraging a mind to rethink
Everything regardless of cost

My one regret is that it ends
Yet this time I will document
So when it comes time to miss
This chance I will not lament
For you are reading the words
I otherwise would have forgot
Once I escaped lunatic dreams
Sans my map back to this spot

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