Pest Control - 2011/05/09

What water would so be willed
While across a desert we walk
Ahead lies this horrific haze
And the voices excitedly talk
Thatched roofs of crazy fools
Long ago passed by and missed
Dehydration my last companion
Claims not even one did exist

My single bead of salty sweat
Plunging to a hungering earth
Swallowed by that golem below
Gone for whatever it is worth
Crows of many a feather glide
Squawking varying obscenities
While my feet struggle onward
Vainly searching for identity

This was a road well traveled
Now home for my derelict soul
For it is here a journey ends
Dying without a watering hole
What is real and what is fake
I have no way I can determine
As I bake in the sun I wonder
Am I the victim or the vermin

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