Refugee - 2011/05/26

Home is the place I dont know
Remote in manners that matter
I rest on the pungent remains
Delirious to ongoing splatter
What is this where I do awake
As jibber jabber hits my ears
Where an asshole spins deceit
While his leashed mutts cheer

So let this verse serve truth
A mutterance of the testimony
I am no longer part of a crew
Blow it off and call it phony
Chalk it up to irreconcilable
Differences I cannot tolerate
When all my admiration soured
Only to be reinvented as hate

Home is the place I abandoned
Much like ashes in a dry gust
Your fear is now just a leash
Crooks tug whenever they must
What is this where I do sleep
Where my siren song is hiding
Who except phantoms of a coma
Understand all I am confiding

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