Shoes - 2011/05/08

We are fools who dance merrily
Actual consequences all around
We are the dogs who now grovel
Twitching furiously for sounds
These are hard winds that blow
Snatching spring away in gusts
Acquainting miracles with rain
So we will see as it all rusts

Hoist the stein for all to see
Amaze the room with its beauty
Grab the nearest dancing wench
She shall bow and do dark duty
Never mind that rabble outside
My air here is full of delight
If serf blood is to be spilled
Just spill it out of our sight

Moneychangers and their whores
Blade tips pinch their throats
Some will be outright murdered
Whilst the rest drown in moats
Dark castles shall either burn
Or soon be summarily reclaimed
We beg for mercy from a rabble
Now madmen who cannot be tamed

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