Wake Up, Time to Live - 2011/05/21

I say now today the world may end
Though it is arguably a fools bet
There is no simple escape from it
As the past makes us pay our debt
Yet the lemmings dance and scream
Of dark judgment day now oncoming
As they set a spark on everything
Hoping for inferno while drumming

Damned are they and damned are we
Living in a world they also shape
Willing to forget rotting remains
Of the corpse they helped to rape
Standing rigid flanked by shadows
That abandoned principle so quick
Leaving no time to face the truth
This is the candle without a wick

We are a waxy splotch left behind
The fact is not so easily escaped
Find the courage every God denies
By peeking under his velvet drape
Eclipses quakes and floods failed
Along with science and relativity
Consider my new approach where we
Free our minds of tired captivity

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