Burn Athens Burn - 2011/06/29

Nondescript places scream
Long lost to the extremes
Meaningless votes tallied
As government hovels burn
Youthful street relegated
To distant eroding memory
Antiques of old so remain
Even as the rest crumbles

The police become victims
While the populace fights
Gunned down in the street
As a dying world pretends
The death is at a trickle
So threatening to elevate
Cabbage will be traded in
For weapons of darker sin

Using fire to fight flame
Only heightens an inferno
Until a sacrifice emerges
Our question is what dies
I know while Athens burns
Pitiful people will fight
Vowing never to go gently
Into a vast eternal night


Inert Artisans - 2011/06/27

They are dying in caskets
Of a very eloquent making
Having trapped themselves
Within ideas now breaking
Laying inside they squirm
Wondering what comes next
While failing to consider
All choices birth effects

Some escape in great fury
Only to face darker truth
Leaving behind the others
Reveling in eternal youth
A paltry dream on breezes
Which evaporates so quick
Is just a kind of tragedy
That leaves them all sick

Crowds of onlookers stare
Not feeling what they see
Can they ever really care
That you fight just to be
For this trap is your own
Ponder before you seal it
Do not blame anybody else
As only you could feel it


Malignant - 2011/06/26

Within a body of your trust
Their allegiances shattered
Wave after wave so advances
Questioning why it mattered
One is a throng sans leader
The other is a doppleganger
For the first lives in fear
Of the pot the second stirs

Circling each other for days
Dancing steps of deft feints
Both envisioning an end game
As they don their war paints
The blades become unsheathed
Based on assistance enlisted
Though it promises slaughter
With an ending quite twisted

When shall the knaves strike
How long shall the duel last
Who shall pick up the pieces
To forge futures from a past
Does any of it really matter
For that seed is now planted
At which time it is too late
To be precisely transplanted


Daredevil - 2011/06/23

The dust fills our mouths
Past a wind whipping ears
Babies scream pure murder
Forever drowning in tears
Around the very next bend
Lies a mad opaque unknown
In which I feed on scraps
Dismissed from the throne

The taste of metal stings
Causing our gums to bleed
Yet it is unfamiliar pain
That plants a strong seed
Arms of the masses raised
Each tumbling with a thud
Even as I secretly aspire
To ingest the great flood

The fear has simply faded
Forcing my senses to perk
Allowing me to appreciate
A future I once did shirk
Alone I anticipate a fall
For provocation it brings
As is this not the savior
Of which every idol sings


Plank Walker - 2011/06/22

They came for me
In the dead of night
After I had prepared
In the hazy twilight

You are unconcerned
For I was the loud one
Silence is your shield
While words are my gun

You do not envision
Sharing a future with me
For your eyes are closed
As they have set me free

If you truly know me
You acknowledge I lament
A rough sudden departure
Though I will not repent

If you revel in this
You are just another fool
For I have been discarded
Without breaking any rule

Know there was silence
Where we needed more talk
As I balance on the plank
Off of which I shall walk

Hear these final words
Try to pay some attention
Stop being so damn silent
And fight for a direction


Live Free or Die - 2011/06/21

It was a typical morning
A hot sun shone brightly
As Tom purchased his gas
And drove along politely
Everybody appeared aloof
Engaged in their routine
Until Tom bummed a light
And caused quite a scene

There came a long moment
Before many heads turned
To experience this sight
Of poor Tom being burned
He himself set the blaze
As his gas can testified
In lieu of this mute man
Smoldering after he died

Examine the one unhinged
A sad corpse illuminates
Multiple methods we used
To dismiss our own fates
Label him as a psychotic
While he just had enough
And I will surely wonder
Are any of us that tough


The Revelator - 2011/06/19

He is the mud stuck in the soles
Of the fool for which heads roll
Cleaning till time past eternity
Will leave them still very dirty
Knowing he may be dismissed easy
While his words make them queasy
The burden he carries is foreign
Even as you revel in the chagrin

Some say he is a drunken buffoon
Who opens his mouth far too soon
Others sit back and listen quiet
Fearful of the inconvenient riot
Not at all considering the dream
Leading to a future most do deem
A farce for those so unpatriotic
Or the few not fed much narcotic

He looks not to the stormy skies
As God is but a gnat in his eyes
But to their empty hands clasped
To weave futures we once grasped
For the present is of our making
Even as hope is clearly breaking
He worships that power forgotten
Locked in brains now very rotten

Sure that Revelator is my friend
Everybody betrays him in the end
So get in line and make a splash
Sacrificing him before the crash
As we live to refuse and foresee
Worried only about little ole me
The truth born of this Revelator
Bear fruit that mark him traitor


Mr Obstruction - 2011/06/18

All around elegant spires rise
A lovely sight for hungry eyes
Yet here we toil in the shanty
On scraps as others up the ante
We seem incapable of realizing
That the world is not revising
Reality staring us in the face
We will soon die in this place

Mr Obstruction crafts a vision
Lacking any logic or precision
He points a sword at windmills
While settling for sad thrills
He does not accept differences
In this fight to subdue senses
For the altar at which we pray
Is built by what games we play

I recall the multitude of times
Being driven by the wind chimes
For my effort to exceed concern
Only to quit slashed and burned
As he sits on the throne ruling
Leading a group of the drooling
I now stay confined to quarters
For my vision has no supporters

So I congratulate Mr Obstruction
On his so successful destruction
Via a note that will not be sent
As he cannot admit it and repent
Instead revising history to show
There is progress on the plateau
Upon which we reside and stumble
While it continues to so crumble


Cash Concubine - 2011/06/16

Put some real force into it
Pummel me whenever you want
As long as your money flows
I am just another d├ębutante
If your plans are going bad
I encourage you to blame me
Maybe if you beat me enough
I might finish you for free

Another night another visit
One asks for the impossible
They order a top production
Born of incoherent scribble
When my attempt falls short
A john rejects my small fee
Only then they get creative
Swing hard and break a knee

So when I am on that corner
Hobbling about for a dollar
Spare me your holy judgment
Give a broke bitch a holler
By now you are dying to ask
Why I still take this flack
For the exact reason you do
The green monkey on my back


Central Idiocy Agency - 2011/06/15

We are spooks who listen
To your every spoken word
Whether its in your home
Or just a rumor we heard

We work to keep you safe
At least that is our line
Please forget our website
As its hacked and offline

We are precious brokers
Of important information
Gathered from fake blogs
During our masturbation

We protect many vassals
Who pay for protection
Those who refuse to play
Suffer from insurrection

We know of many who died
Because of our mistakes
When our two towers fell
It proved we were flakes

We sow much destruction
Training peasants to kill
Then we act like victims
When our blood they spill

We love how fools forget
Truth out of convenience
For we have always lied
From the start and since

We are the incompetent
Children work to disable
Why are you not disturbed
That we are that incapable


Redemption of Rags - 2011/06/14

Here I sit in stratosphere
Winds whispering I can fly
Below the world is waiting
To see a man choose to die

Here I cry many stories up
Lamenting the long journey
Contemplating notable ways
To finish a futile tourney

Here I do perceive nothing
My mind feels unencumbered
The insanity birthed below
Lives in days now numbered

Here the deadly jetstreams
No longer pose any threats
Serfs plunge for salvation
While I have paid my debts

Here I reject their poison
Fueled by parasites within
As real silence shall cure
Restraint now wearing thin

Here I know I have nothing
But the words you now read
For only on the low ground
Can freedom plant its seed


Seasonal - 2011/06/11

Tell me all the tepid tales
While I struggle to breathe
Read me your recent regrets
As the world around seethes
You lead to lovely languish
Though the handcuffs ensure
Prisoners of plain paradise
Shall not forcefully detour

Doped up and deadened today
We march as you do instruct
Too busy muddling in a haze
To realize we self destruct
Gaze upon this great prison
Notice that it has no walls
Except the prisoners within
Fearing the moment it falls

This is just another season
That makes way for the next
We are teetering on an edge
So why are so many so vexed
For soon we will go our way
Designing something greater
Waiting for that inevitable
Does not make one a traitor


Regicide - 2011/06/09

I have my sawed off shotgun
Mounted with a hair trigger
Pointed at a mad television
To preserve priceless vigor
With a remote I have buried
In a local garbage landfill
The channel does not change
But the shit spews on still

Lots of voices so few words
Serious or not thats a joke
I tried to root out quality
And determined it was broke
People ask me about the gun
Well of course it is loaded
As I would not feel too sad
If that television exploded

So maybe this time tomorrow
I should break this routine
By no longer abiding idiots
That infest the flat screen
Yet when I refuse to listen
Will I recall how to ponder
Or will I see that my brain
Is but a trinket squandered


Abyss - 2011/06/08

Within indescribable morning I awoke
There it hovered inches from my face
Devouring what poisons I could expel
Never commenting as it is just waste

Throughout that otherwise boring day
It steadfastly maintained a position
Slowly divesting the world of a fire
That seeks reparations via attrition

By light of a sickly moon I realized
That it was not interested in my art
It was the others caught in my circle
That it was methodically taking apart

They are the faces who slowly exhale
Awaiting their own mystical miracles
Breathing squarely in lackluster now
Lacking any route to those satirical

What a privilege I have been granted
To attend to bits of insipid squalor
Attempting to create a metamorphosis
All while playing my role of scholar

Yet from many lies the truth emerges
Which has no bearing on want or need
Providing a path for those to follow
No matter how much apathy they bleed


Anti Contrivance - 2011/06/07

They are coming down like splinters
Tearing up the worn skin on my face
Each one slashing a bit differently
I fight hard but I cannot keep pace
Once bright bulbs dim unexplainably
Leaving observers to query everyone
They have but fake answers to share
As they will not accept we are done

Safety railings run along the lines
Preventing the curious from digging
While everybody now on duty imbibes
Behind the scenes we get to rigging
Embrace a process for which I exist
Nevermind that it does not function
While amoral bastards become richer
I cannot ignore growing compunction

The heads hang low including my own
Faced with what we reflexively deny
A factory is open and machines work
Yet not a one of us can explain why
So I like you wonder why we persist
In pretending this is not some game
Where no matter what develops today
Tomorrow is always more of the same


Ice: An Epilogue - 2011/06/06

A blizzard hovered on the horizon
Hoping that it would pass is daft
As I lay silent freezing to death
Tips of the fingers long departed
Even then within stunning clarity
I longed for that one final grasp

There it lay beyond the ice dunes
The hilt protruding like a beacon
A vicious organism that destroyed
Everything I had ever truly known
Yet its tendrils tugged and stung
Commanding me to move in futility

For hours days or weeks I crawled
Amidst a growing sign of ice ages
Only to expire with hand extended
Inches from the architect of doom
So here I wait in the vast beyond
For the hourglass to flip fortune

Daze - 2011/06/06

Double vision flailing about
Whispers blinking in and out
Dreams and reality now mixed
Both nightmares I am betwixt
Sword sliding out of sheathe
Shining as we cannot believe
Blood drips from large hands
Metronome of foreign demands

Tick tock yells a dead clock
In its place there is a rock
Marking the death of legions
Fools sacrificed for regions
Bubbles burst quite too late
By the lack of sleep or fate
As the sun rises pain ceases
Time becomes full of creases

Emancipated or just enslaved
Drafting lines very depraved
Dread incantations that seep
Awake but ravenous for sleep
Another day built on a waste
Begging my return post haste
Yet here I sit trying to fix
A mind that plays the tricks


Jilted Joy - 2011/06/04

I am cognizant of your jealously
A grimace on your lips spills it
Reveal what you despise the most
My allure my intellect or my wit

If you truly refuse to sketch me
My next words shall be bona fide
You arent fit to cradle my favor
Nor to draft my likeness outside

Scribble in your pad with pencil
Toiling about in your mediocrity
For our siblings are quite crude
Your portraits of them ooze pity

Complain all you must for I wait
The one day you beg me is coming
I expect I shall find your pleas
Simply childish and very numbing

If perchance the decades pass by
After all your sad failures scar
Maybe that day I will then allow
You to actually draw a true star

But let it be known I never wait
As a queen does not toil in fear
So if you never drew true beauty
Perhaps your sight was not clear

Lost - 2011/06/04

He is departed
Perhaps he sits on his throne
Chuckling at the fallen stars
No longer concerned with this

He is horrified
Machinations of annihilation
For the sparks he now scorns
Dark mirrors leave him angry

He is a swindler
Putting forth changing rules
Conveyed by waves of eunuchs
Who are ones he has enslaved

He is spoiled
All power beyond imagination
With thoughts past our grasp
His tantrums devour all life

He is rejected
By those with eyes wide open
Not by any theory of science
For we know he is the tyrant

He is everything
Then I myself embody nothing
As we have never even talked
I live within illicit dreams

He is nothing
Stare now for I am now freed
With my hard ideas to refine
As I make sense of the chaos

He is the excuse
We yell to absolve ourselves
While ignoring petty plights
Of peasants we claim to save


Primum non nocere - 2011/06/03

I found solace in the eyes
Staring through the mirror
Bloodshot pupils screaming
Of truth that crept nearer
It reversed leaving a face
Marked with peace and calm
He spoke in his soft voice
As he grasped my dead palm

For by his mercy I am gone
He freed me of that prison
By valuing simple morality
Over a hypocrites decision
Who only prolong deep pain
Never fulfilling that oath
As they lack the fortitude
To serve the needs of both

Today my liberator expired
A mad world does not mourn
Instead they overtly teach
Empathy is worthy of scorn
If life is our divine gift
How can you usurp my claim
When truly emancipating me
Was just merciful and sane


Transmutation - 2011/06/02

I cannot explain those events
It gives me pause to consider
Sad souls with hands entwined
Encircling the idol a glitter
Dying campfire sprung shadows
Drifting into the pitch black
But it was the hymn of theirs
That ensures I cannot go back

Mutterances of indoctrination
Assault random daily thoughts
Whiffs of undeniable insanity
Deconstruct reality I wrought
The song of the siren of ease
Bristle past my consciousness
Rendering even great thoughts
Wholly impotent to so address

Those ideas will never depart
As a crimson stain on my soul
Over which I am a dark warden
Who wages battles for control
It is not a struggle I lament
For without conflict I wither
When I am faced with insanity
I can only scream come hither


A Kindness - 2011/06/01

A ghastly click fills the room
Followed by loud decompression
Lifeless and metallic it cries
Preserving it is our obsession
The empirical data tells tales
Ignored by onlookers oblivious
Jacked up on self preservation
That has now become lascivious

Past the corners of their eyes
Stalks their darkening futures
Twisting knives to open wounds
That are immune to the sutures
Beyond fear stands the dim man
With a boldness to contemplate
Pulling the plug on this droid
For its dead why procrastinate

Either way a fraud will expire
A device will lose its purpose
As easy decisions come to bear
Their victims are sure to fuss
Revel in your newfound freedom
Forget all the artificial loss
Let us design something better
Now is the time to give a toss