Abyss - 2011/06/08

Within indescribable morning I awoke
There it hovered inches from my face
Devouring what poisons I could expel
Never commenting as it is just waste

Throughout that otherwise boring day
It steadfastly maintained a position
Slowly divesting the world of a fire
That seeks reparations via attrition

By light of a sickly moon I realized
That it was not interested in my art
It was the others caught in my circle
That it was methodically taking apart

They are the faces who slowly exhale
Awaiting their own mystical miracles
Breathing squarely in lackluster now
Lacking any route to those satirical

What a privilege I have been granted
To attend to bits of insipid squalor
Attempting to create a metamorphosis
All while playing my role of scholar

Yet from many lies the truth emerges
Which has no bearing on want or need
Providing a path for those to follow
No matter how much apathy they bleed

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