Anti Contrivance - 2011/06/07

They are coming down like splinters
Tearing up the worn skin on my face
Each one slashing a bit differently
I fight hard but I cannot keep pace
Once bright bulbs dim unexplainably
Leaving observers to query everyone
They have but fake answers to share
As they will not accept we are done

Safety railings run along the lines
Preventing the curious from digging
While everybody now on duty imbibes
Behind the scenes we get to rigging
Embrace a process for which I exist
Nevermind that it does not function
While amoral bastards become richer
I cannot ignore growing compunction

The heads hang low including my own
Faced with what we reflexively deny
A factory is open and machines work
Yet not a one of us can explain why
So I like you wonder why we persist
In pretending this is not some game
Where no matter what develops today
Tomorrow is always more of the same

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