Central Idiocy Agency - 2011/06/15

We are spooks who listen
To your every spoken word
Whether its in your home
Or just a rumor we heard

We work to keep you safe
At least that is our line
Please forget our website
As its hacked and offline

We are precious brokers
Of important information
Gathered from fake blogs
During our masturbation

We protect many vassals
Who pay for protection
Those who refuse to play
Suffer from insurrection

We know of many who died
Because of our mistakes
When our two towers fell
It proved we were flakes

We sow much destruction
Training peasants to kill
Then we act like victims
When our blood they spill

We love how fools forget
Truth out of convenience
For we have always lied
From the start and since

We are the incompetent
Children work to disable
Why are you not disturbed
That we are that incapable

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