Daze - 2011/06/06

Double vision flailing about
Whispers blinking in and out
Dreams and reality now mixed
Both nightmares I am betwixt
Sword sliding out of sheathe
Shining as we cannot believe
Blood drips from large hands
Metronome of foreign demands

Tick tock yells a dead clock
In its place there is a rock
Marking the death of legions
Fools sacrificed for regions
Bubbles burst quite too late
By the lack of sleep or fate
As the sun rises pain ceases
Time becomes full of creases

Emancipated or just enslaved
Drafting lines very depraved
Dread incantations that seep
Awake but ravenous for sleep
Another day built on a waste
Begging my return post haste
Yet here I sit trying to fix
A mind that plays the tricks

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