Jilted Joy - 2011/06/04

I am cognizant of your jealously
A grimace on your lips spills it
Reveal what you despise the most
My allure my intellect or my wit

If you truly refuse to sketch me
My next words shall be bona fide
You arent fit to cradle my favor
Nor to draft my likeness outside

Scribble in your pad with pencil
Toiling about in your mediocrity
For our siblings are quite crude
Your portraits of them ooze pity

Complain all you must for I wait
The one day you beg me is coming
I expect I shall find your pleas
Simply childish and very numbing

If perchance the decades pass by
After all your sad failures scar
Maybe that day I will then allow
You to actually draw a true star

But let it be known I never wait
As a queen does not toil in fear
So if you never drew true beauty
Perhaps your sight was not clear

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