A Kindness - 2011/06/01

A ghastly click fills the room
Followed by loud decompression
Lifeless and metallic it cries
Preserving it is our obsession
The empirical data tells tales
Ignored by onlookers oblivious
Jacked up on self preservation
That has now become lascivious

Past the corners of their eyes
Stalks their darkening futures
Twisting knives to open wounds
That are immune to the sutures
Beyond fear stands the dim man
With a boldness to contemplate
Pulling the plug on this droid
For its dead why procrastinate

Either way a fraud will expire
A device will lose its purpose
As easy decisions come to bear
Their victims are sure to fuss
Revel in your newfound freedom
Forget all the artificial loss
Let us design something better
Now is the time to give a toss

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