Lost - 2011/06/04

He is departed
Perhaps he sits on his throne
Chuckling at the fallen stars
No longer concerned with this

He is horrified
Machinations of annihilation
For the sparks he now scorns
Dark mirrors leave him angry

He is a swindler
Putting forth changing rules
Conveyed by waves of eunuchs
Who are ones he has enslaved

He is spoiled
All power beyond imagination
With thoughts past our grasp
His tantrums devour all life

He is rejected
By those with eyes wide open
Not by any theory of science
For we know he is the tyrant

He is everything
Then I myself embody nothing
As we have never even talked
I live within illicit dreams

He is nothing
Stare now for I am now freed
With my hard ideas to refine
As I make sense of the chaos

He is the excuse
We yell to absolve ourselves
While ignoring petty plights
Of peasants we claim to save

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