Transmutation - 2011/06/02

I cannot explain those events
It gives me pause to consider
Sad souls with hands entwined
Encircling the idol a glitter
Dying campfire sprung shadows
Drifting into the pitch black
But it was the hymn of theirs
That ensures I cannot go back

Mutterances of indoctrination
Assault random daily thoughts
Whiffs of undeniable insanity
Deconstruct reality I wrought
The song of the siren of ease
Bristle past my consciousness
Rendering even great thoughts
Wholly impotent to so address

Those ideas will never depart
As a crimson stain on my soul
Over which I am a dark warden
Who wages battles for control
It is not a struggle I lament
For without conflict I wither
When I am faced with insanity
I can only scream come hither

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