An Undying Queen - 2011/07/31

Her head was summarily chopped off
Left to roll down the entire galley
While the vessel raised its anchor
Ready to sink without time to dally
All the men were fearfully trained
Ready to rape and kill with a word
Though the final sunset approached
It was as if none of them so heard

Is that cannon fire in the distance
Intermixing justice with conformity
Is that Queen Annes Revenge sinking
Does anyone there know the enormity
They refused to walk the last plank
But rather were blow to smithereens
Smiling while sinking beneath waves
Soon joined by the kings and queens

They forever sail these seven seas
A specter of the independent power
Pained souls whose graves are lost
No matter how long all shall scour
By day they are merry in the locker
Claiming conquests and guzzling rum
Though by evening they sail swiftly
To Blackbeards wishes they succumb


A Missing Deluge - 2011/07/28

It was this pitiful drop we forgot
That birthed the magnificent flood
The rights we now take for granted
Are writ in a very bold ones blood
Their names relegated to the books
Which not a soul cares to research
As history without the pink lenses
Knocks lesser men off of the perch

These battles we have so forgotten
Will soon be fought all over again
For we with a short attention span
Replay aging mistakes now and then
Every iteration of our corrections
Requires a spark to produce flames
Otherwise the stressful commotions
Can produce little more than games

Which shall it be this time around
Are there any brave men so willing
To take a hated unpopular position
Simply to keep blood from spilling
Or instead will we cower like rats
Awaiting death by a great predator
Spreading our legs in nasty excess
Our last days like that of a whore


Siesta - 2011/07/27

Their screams echo in the night
Reaching beyond dreamy barriers
Whatever the true reason may be
The sounds of pain are harriers
Night fades with the dawn I rue
For lights of day are unwelcome
What was once the daily routine
Is now the beat of a slave drum

Everything is very out of sorts
Nothing progresses as it should
Imploring us to frantically ask
Does would always trail a could
Probably not says a mad figment
Of the imagination now conjured
That absolute potential remains
Despite your view being blurred

Certainly not responds the gnat
Brandishing his crown of quarks
This is the glimpse of a future
Where a dying mind leaves marks
So here I sit struggling to say
Whatever one should be believed
Ignoring the fact I need a rest
To truly prevent being deceived


Lazy Boys Platoon - 2011/07/25

Something wicked this way comes
The chill on our spine at night
Fostered by pseudo pious people
All who refused to set it right
Guided by tenets of pure greed
Bent on bathing in their blood
This drought of the modern age
Will be set right with a flood

It is the antithesis of deities
Masters of the moral disconnect
Only through great forcefulness
Shall we topple idols now erect
Nay I speak of no golden calves
For the riches have been stolen
From us the distraction addicts
Our remains so dead and swollen

So here we lay in the recliners
Getting high off the multimedia
Unwilling to debate perspective
For it interferes with dementia
Shall we rise simply to survive
Or die enveloped in the comfort
If no fire burns in our bellies
Can there even be a last resort


Firestarter - 2011/07/24

Our second hand is passing
A prescribed point in time
Bolstered by fake memories
The inattention is a crime
Words from armies of faces
A cacophony of nasty swill
Simply distract to destroy
After we have had our fill

Ears all about are closing
Mouths sadly do not follow
Revealing a righteous fire
Ever sputtering and hollow
Cogs claiming to self rule
Now rotate in a vast array
Working to pace of another
Unwilling to cease halfway

A vulnerable shining spark
Caught by a languid breeze
Is fodder for the knife of
Some leaders feeble sneeze
We are too late to protect
The feint is already afoot
You bear witness to record
A creation reduced to soot


Mister Charles - 2011/07/22

He is a dark shadow lurking
Awaiting the precise moment
Donning a pressed silk suit
While preparing for descent

He is the narrator of tales
Told of the macabre visions
Wrought with the mad horror
Unleashed by your decisions

He is a friend spewing lies
Yet comforting all the same
You think he is the servant
Simply a puppet in his game

He is the silent gatekeeper
Granting a passage to cross
The sickly river of regrets
Where the future was tossed

He is just your emancipator
A shriveled heap on a beach
Willing to drown to refresh
Memories quite beyond reach

He is the figure of a fable
A fellow I dream of meeting
In a world where I can tell
The truth from the fleeting


Blackout - 2011/07/21

Network nodes interconnected
All their routes in disarray
As a result good information
Can not be transmitted today
Millions of endpoints listen
For the truth that comes not
Replaced with this gibberish
That causes irreversible rot

It should have been tolerant
To reasonable level of fault
Instead it works against you
Locking reality in its vault
This impervious system broke
At behest of everyone served
Take heart dear karmic fools
A few got what they deserved

There is one simple solution
Turn on tune in and consider
You can care about something
Beyond our new lowest bidder
Point your eyes up and feast
Imagine every world deserted
Rendered ever non responsive
By our paradise so perverted


Watchers - 2011/07/20

He was an idol hoisted up high
The example to which we strove
It is too bad so many followed
To that edge off which he dove
I shall put it plain and blunt
He was a twisted double dealer
Shielded by his precious bible
As he pretended to be a healer

Ask me whether he was a fucker
Most simply nod their head yes
While I will lay out histories
Of his widely heralded success
Do I dream of seeing his death
Nay that would just be extreme
I shall rest contented knowing
The truth was not as it seemed

So we keep on lifting fools up
Pretending they waltz on water
Despite opportunities to cease
Mere man leads us to slaughter
For if their power is absolute
While corrupting so absolutely
Why do we ignore all the signs
Acting like it happens acutely


Hovel - 2011/07/19

That is asbestos in the ceiling
Complimenting lead in the pipes
Anybody who takes a deep breath
Will taste poison of many types
Do you feel a hint of radiation
Or feel infestations in the bed
Assuming it even really matters
With nasty cancers in your head

I dreamed of striking the match
Grinning and watching it ignite
Close enough to scorch the skin
As the inferno coated the night
I craved only great destruction
Even sacrificing all the future
For my wound would not be cured
With simple salves and a suture

Yet reality births new surprise
For this moment is not the same
The time of choosing approaches
Though it is no longer our game
So instead I am turning my back
Adamant on finally walking away
Making the vows to never return
But to gaze at my hovel someday


Cut and Construct - 2011/07/18

It crawled from an ocean darkly
Sprouting legs instead of wings
Though it had no real potential
Beyond the dark chaos it brings
Nobody bothered to toss it back
Unfazed by terrible consequence
Now just a rash moment of mercy
That we shall suffer with hence

Beyond legs came arms and hands
Along with intuition to examine
Yet the latter we refuse to use
A failure bereft of any chagrin
Surely the pinnacle of creation
That frees ideas for exchanging
Can stop praying and pretending
That circumstances are changing

Masters of this blue green rock
Are just worms awaiting a flood
While progress is rendered mute
In an effort to prolong the dud
Who amongst us dares to retreat
In deference to a final plateau
For another chance to persevere
So we may survive and also grow


Anti Climactic - 2011/07/17

A bottle of whiskey is empty
Rolling about upon the floor
The last few drops of liquor
Slowly drift on out the door
Which concoction did I taste
To birth murmurs in my sleep
Which great gift did I waste
That urges me to loudly weep

The green fairies swooped in
Yet my only muse is in vomit
Which leaves my mouth bitter
And head crying like a comet
What mad mind conceived this
Believing it was a good idea
Was I simply a foolish child
Searching for a real panacea

A worm lives inside my belly
Eating these pretty trinkets
It lives within gaping holes
Slowly deepening all my pits
Into stygian hells I plummet
Unable to grasp simple truth
That curses of understanding
Follow the diminishing youth


Vintage Model - 2011/07/16

Old man you screwed my plan
Puttering along in your van
Old man you drive very slow
Behind people yell go go go
Old man you can take a class
For learning to mash the gas
Old man stop swerving around
In a tank once colored brown

Old man your toupee screams
You drive within day dreams
Old man you will soon expire
Patch up your shrinking tire
Old man please heed the GPS
You are clearly in distress
Old man do you want to race
Get the drool off your face

Old man watch the slow lane
Those passing know the pain
Old man have you checked out
Or do see what its all about
Old man what game do we play
Why are you slowing that way
Old man it seems you passed
I no longer wish to go fast


Shyster - 2011/07/13

I was born without any talent
Though I lack actual scruples
With some marketing materials
My ignorance brings me pupils
So from door to door I travel
Making up the outrageous lies
That are sure to sell my shit
While I look you in your eyes

So what its been a crappy day
I may not have a sold a thing
But when I ring your doorbell
Of your neighbors zeal I sing
If you accept our offer today
We will give you the discount
Even while terms you accepted
You shall struggle to recount

If you decide to cancel later
I will not shed a single tear
Cause I get paid in cold cash
When you sign right down here
Of course when you figure out
My pitch is truly just a scam
I will be ripping off another
While you yell damn damn damn


Go Forth Lambs - 2011/07/10

Pieces languish on the boards
Mounts of marble now mourning
Fools who galloped last night
Only to perish in the morning
Yet it is not the shining sun
Which breaks our fast at dawn
But the solace of contentment
So slain by their greedy pawn

Banners flap for hungry winds
By the mandates of commanders
Who received their directions
From lords above our slanders
On bloody fields it is simple
Whereas above there is a mess
Yet with dogs who suffer most
Plain fact is never addressed

Empires erect around usurpers
Who randomly survive the fray
Scant few recall they watched
Blood of peasants win the day
Yet there we see other boards
Checkerboard planes of battle
Over which monarchs of slough
Arrange for murders of cattle


Aristocracy of Tea - 2011/07/08

Mad Hatter bounces and twirls
Raising a cup for their death
Cheshire cat purrs and smiles
Now ready for his last breath

China strewn across the table
Some broken and most unwashed
Which white mice creep around
In terror of getting squashed

Is it a wonder or a nightmare
Within a darkly looking glass
Where the party has the power
To make this sad day our last

Yet they wait on tea to steep
Clamoring on like its alright
Unaware that even a small sip
Will poison and reveal plight

Clad in top hats they do lead
Battling this queen of hearts
Yet she is just a mad fiction
In which they play many parts

Raise all the cups in a toast
To a great aristocracy of tea
Or sit back just to chronicle
A fallout they will never see


Of Mice - 2011/07/06

Crystal clear waves now lick
At a stark white sandy shore
Soft air reminds me of times
I so lived in long lost lore
Armies of palm trees swaying
Mark my vision that crumbles
As the undercurrent draws me
Towards reality that tumbles

A full moon illuminates dark
Our companion in pitch black
While pools of soft twilight
Weaken us for another attack
Hoots of owls diving at prey
Mark great tragic succession
As all that begins with life
Ends with deathly procession

There is no map with designs
Of how any wizard can bypass
Hence nobody can give advice
Or ever claim to teach class
Our great swathes of silence
Mark mysteries that enthrall
Never giving off a real hint
Of the end to which we crawl


Get Over It - 2011/07/05

You likely have already heard
But just in case you have not
I stood accused of this crime
For which nobody proved squat
So that means I am going free
With just a slap on the wrist
Truth be told I have to admit
Your attention will be missed

Rumors of the screaming reach
Even my ears encased in stone
In the eyes of your angry mob
No real proof had to be shown
Mutterances of fools in anger
Sans understanding of reality
Are why a real justice system
Builds on logic and actuality

If my words stroke your anger
Open your windows and screech
The portly poet now mocks you
Ever tired of trying to teach
Feelings in your gut are shit
Sixth sense is not legitimate
Either reveal the smoking gun
Or accept the defeat and quit


The Oak Must Die - 2011/07/03

The spigots are dry as a bone
There is not a drop to be had
All my toilets will not flush
The smell is getting real bad

I sit staring out the windows
My eyes affixed upon the tree
Though it makes no move at all
I can feel its raw hate for me

With roots it has interrupted
The morning routine I employed
Rather than avoiding the pipe
Underground that it destroyed

Oh look at its very many leaves
Each waving at me in light wind
Every leaf like a middle finger
Whose owner I dream of skinned

Should I eviscerate it quickly
Or kill it with a thousand cuts
Before it can get a deadly grip
On my valued and delicate nuts

Whatever the case it is a tree
Nursing some malicious intents
Who so made a formidable enemy
That cannot forget these events


Ash King - 2011/07/02

The blackened landscape extends
As far as my weary eyes can see
Where a slight breeze can choke
All of the life right out of me
There is no life within earshot
I hear only a permanent silence
From crowds of ghostly subjects
Pledging fealty to their prince

The usual amenities are missing
Worthless relics stranded below
Allowing me to join my subjects
Once blackened from head to toe
In the vivid dreams of insanity
They rise to profess their love
Knowing I will carry the burden
Of ashes that shower from above

If it tumbles I shall snatch it
Exercising my imaginary control
Stand on me I chant ever louder
A distraction eating at my soul
Can you take the knee and swear
Or prove you are smart and walk
By disbelieving the many claims
That I contradict while we talk