Aristocracy of Tea - 2011/07/08

Mad Hatter bounces and twirls
Raising a cup for their death
Cheshire cat purrs and smiles
Now ready for his last breath

China strewn across the table
Some broken and most unwashed
Which white mice creep around
In terror of getting squashed

Is it a wonder or a nightmare
Within a darkly looking glass
Where the party has the power
To make this sad day our last

Yet they wait on tea to steep
Clamoring on like its alright
Unaware that even a small sip
Will poison and reveal plight

Clad in top hats they do lead
Battling this queen of hearts
Yet she is just a mad fiction
In which they play many parts

Raise all the cups in a toast
To a great aristocracy of tea
Or sit back just to chronicle
A fallout they will never see

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