Ash King - 2011/07/02

The blackened landscape extends
As far as my weary eyes can see
Where a slight breeze can choke
All of the life right out of me
There is no life within earshot
I hear only a permanent silence
From crowds of ghostly subjects
Pledging fealty to their prince

The usual amenities are missing
Worthless relics stranded below
Allowing me to join my subjects
Once blackened from head to toe
In the vivid dreams of insanity
They rise to profess their love
Knowing I will carry the burden
Of ashes that shower from above

If it tumbles I shall snatch it
Exercising my imaginary control
Stand on me I chant ever louder
A distraction eating at my soul
Can you take the knee and swear
Or prove you are smart and walk
By disbelieving the many claims
That I contradict while we talk

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