Cut and Construct - 2011/07/18

It crawled from an ocean darkly
Sprouting legs instead of wings
Though it had no real potential
Beyond the dark chaos it brings
Nobody bothered to toss it back
Unfazed by terrible consequence
Now just a rash moment of mercy
That we shall suffer with hence

Beyond legs came arms and hands
Along with intuition to examine
Yet the latter we refuse to use
A failure bereft of any chagrin
Surely the pinnacle of creation
That frees ideas for exchanging
Can stop praying and pretending
That circumstances are changing

Masters of this blue green rock
Are just worms awaiting a flood
While progress is rendered mute
In an effort to prolong the dud
Who amongst us dares to retreat
In deference to a final plateau
For another chance to persevere
So we may survive and also grow

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