Go Forth Lambs - 2011/07/10

Pieces languish on the boards
Mounts of marble now mourning
Fools who galloped last night
Only to perish in the morning
Yet it is not the shining sun
Which breaks our fast at dawn
But the solace of contentment
So slain by their greedy pawn

Banners flap for hungry winds
By the mandates of commanders
Who received their directions
From lords above our slanders
On bloody fields it is simple
Whereas above there is a mess
Yet with dogs who suffer most
Plain fact is never addressed

Empires erect around usurpers
Who randomly survive the fray
Scant few recall they watched
Blood of peasants win the day
Yet there we see other boards
Checkerboard planes of battle
Over which monarchs of slough
Arrange for murders of cattle

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