Hovel - 2011/07/19

That is asbestos in the ceiling
Complimenting lead in the pipes
Anybody who takes a deep breath
Will taste poison of many types
Do you feel a hint of radiation
Or feel infestations in the bed
Assuming it even really matters
With nasty cancers in your head

I dreamed of striking the match
Grinning and watching it ignite
Close enough to scorch the skin
As the inferno coated the night
I craved only great destruction
Even sacrificing all the future
For my wound would not be cured
With simple salves and a suture

Yet reality births new surprise
For this moment is not the same
The time of choosing approaches
Though it is no longer our game
So instead I am turning my back
Adamant on finally walking away
Making the vows to never return
But to gaze at my hovel someday

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