An Undying Queen - 2011/07/31

Her head was summarily chopped off
Left to roll down the entire galley
While the vessel raised its anchor
Ready to sink without time to dally
All the men were fearfully trained
Ready to rape and kill with a word
Though the final sunset approached
It was as if none of them so heard

Is that cannon fire in the distance
Intermixing justice with conformity
Is that Queen Annes Revenge sinking
Does anyone there know the enormity
They refused to walk the last plank
But rather were blow to smithereens
Smiling while sinking beneath waves
Soon joined by the kings and queens

They forever sail these seven seas
A specter of the independent power
Pained souls whose graves are lost
No matter how long all shall scour
By day they are merry in the locker
Claiming conquests and guzzling rum
Though by evening they sail swiftly
To Blackbeards wishes they succumb

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