Watchers - 2011/07/20

He was an idol hoisted up high
The example to which we strove
It is too bad so many followed
To that edge off which he dove
I shall put it plain and blunt
He was a twisted double dealer
Shielded by his precious bible
As he pretended to be a healer

Ask me whether he was a fucker
Most simply nod their head yes
While I will lay out histories
Of his widely heralded success
Do I dream of seeing his death
Nay that would just be extreme
I shall rest contented knowing
The truth was not as it seemed

So we keep on lifting fools up
Pretending they waltz on water
Despite opportunities to cease
Mere man leads us to slaughter
For if their power is absolute
While corrupting so absolutely
Why do we ignore all the signs
Acting like it happens acutely

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