Dead Markets - 2011/08/31

Thralls abound under the spell
Who believe we are not in hell
All together yet very separate
Personal poverty is the threat
Welcome to a bankrupt ideology
Which goes beyond any theology
It insists on the purest faith
Ever draining them as a wraith

Look past that army of experts
Their track records tell tales
Of soothsayers who are blinded
To their clients that did fail
There may be no debtors prison
Though we have ghetto projects
Whose prisoners do remain high
Never considering what is next

They say we have no depression
We flatly claim they are wrong
Anybody with a grip on reality
Knows it cannot last very long
Well never mind my sordid tale
As gold tumbles from their sky
Remain cautious as you look up
Watch out for piss in your eye


Dr. Donkey - 2011/08/29

I write this here today
To honor my dear friend
Who recently has passed
So in grief I do defend

Who he labels as donkey
Surely deserves mocking
As if they did not know
Til truth came knocking
Spare me all the crying
There was no revelation
Ask any of many viewers
You earned the citation
If you foster any doubt
Rewatch all the footage
Either get the hell out
Or honestly earn a wage
My criticism is reality
You will not be coddled
I shall never reinforce
The fantasy you modeled

So to our favorite chef
Let us return to basics
For shaming that donkey
Goes beyond a quick fix

Basketcase - 2011/08/29

Through this hail of words
I see illusions of meaning
Except it does not compute
Due to a lack of screening
Expressed by taboo epithet
Making them fucking forget
My message buried in there
Burning out as a cigarette

So label me the basketcase
As my verse descends below
Parts of it are quite real
While the rest is the show
Why do I cry for attention
Or is that simply the lure
I feel the world will burn
Though how can you be sure

Here is where I will close
Then draw you close to God
Though if he never existed
I die as just another clod
Which lesson lurks beneath
Or is this verse foul shit
Make the choice post haste
Am I honest or just a twit


Irene Inveigler - 2011/08/28

She is coming up this way
To steal everything I got
Whether it be the mansion
My money or my huge yacht
Playing an angry mistress
We know hell hath no fury
As she punishes for guilt
Determined without a jury

Any fool left in her path
Returns a princely pauper
As she eloquently murders
Leaving only the improper
So bet your bottom dollar
That lady will make waves
And every once in a while
Dig us a few early graves

My personal suggestion is
Steer clear of this witch
As she is a no good thief
Trying to make the switch
Ignore all of her promise
Because its her great lie
All she will leave you is
Many tears so you can cry


My Storms Eye - 2011/08/27

I woke and found a vast silence
The foreign invader in my world
I opened the front door to view
Results of my maladies unfurled
There were not even ruins there
Nor the tiniest speck to remind
That this was absolute solitude
In an eternal prison I designed

I had planned on just departing
If the silence became too tough
However once free of my masters
I knew I would never get enough
Here beyond their reach I exist
With the passion to contemplate
What is it about a few thoughts
That this world decided to hate

I am within the eye of my storm
For soon even I shall acquiesce
Will that next front destroy me
Or is it a harbinger of success
It matters not as I will return
To my new safehouse of solitude
Where my questions are the fuel
Allowing radical ideas to brood


Quitter - 2011/08/24

Here is the day of the quitter
Who left for rewards a glitter
His stay with us was cut short
For a time he was a good sport

He might have been a smart one
Though he knew how to have fun
With that closure he so sought
He seeks the future of thought

In time your memory shall fade
Hiding the many bricks he laid
Yet they remain with all yours
Forging the key for many doors

Yes he made his thoughts known
Only to hear collective groans
So when it came time to depart
He handled it coolly and smart

Those who were rendered burned
Only received what they earned
Yet the quitter leaves no trap
For he believes this is a wrap


Waking Vision - 2011/08/23

It is the vision that stalks
Striking whenever it pleases
Promising a fate more grisly
Than a multitude of diseases
Despite reassurances of fear
I control it and it is still
Except the other participant
They not beholden to my will

The vehicle rises off a bump
Hurtling through empty space
Right through my rear window
Quickly smashing my fat face
Meanwhile my neck is snapped
Augmented by a fine red mist
Coating the front windshield
That forces of impact missed

This is the part where I die
Yet that never really occurs
Nor have ever ticking clocks
Turned the vividness to blur
Here I write stuck in a loop
Where a fear is proved empty
Still unable to fully ignore
The assailant I will not see


Just Say No - 2011/08/21

I took a trip to the zoo today
Where in a cage I glimpsed man
He was verily hairy and unkept
Yet no where did I see his van
His voice echoed when he spoke
Beckoning me over to iron bars
He so told me I need to escape
Find the keys and borrow a car

Something begged me to rethink
Yet I was living for a mission
As this man was the son of God
Who had come to me in a vision
So I rolled up another fat one
Lit it and inhaled those fumes
Imagining an army of sorcerers
Calling angels in smoke plumes

I tried to swipe a set of keys
While obviously I was too slow
As an old zoo keeper caught me
The poor fool would not let go
He dragged me back to the cage
Where I pleaded for some grace
Even as the mans face vanished
To reveal an ugly monkeys face

Oh no this was one clever ruse
Apes now made me their trinket
I was moved into the iron cage
Without a hope of being acquit
Throngs of them came to see me
Preparing plans for domination
For I was the stoner in a cage
A reason for human deportation


A Past Discarded - 2011/08/20

Legions of great giants march
Shoulder to shoulder standing
Fearing the blades of insects
Whose realm is ever expanding
Once again mates are murdered
As giants stand valiant watch
Persisting in preserving peace
Refusing to kick it up a notch

Individually we kill in stealth
Slitting their throats expertly
All we have builds on shoulders
Likes of which you will not see
Gaze upon a race that is fading
For their numbers are dwindling
Their bones are great monuments
Yet consumed like mere kindling

I see a future of lonely plains
Abandoned by the once tall host
For we wielded bloodthirstiness
As if it was our single riposte
True tenants lay by the wayside
As we have our swords to advise
Who shall become the next target
For the misery we love to devise


Solar Testimony - 2011/08/19

Spec of dirt tells a tale
Behind the growl and wail
Maw of dead earth yawning
With twilight now dawning
Ready to embrace a return
Of those willing to learn

Down any derelict street
Lies the hovels disowned
Empty shells of promises
Ever repeated and cloned
Cities of canvas emanate
Army of maggots breeding
Willing to take by force
Morsels they are needing

Spark wafting so ignites
Kindling laid for flames
What follows is the fate
History gives many names
Yet while they all swear
That we shall not forget
It is a curse of a child
Which is the real threat

Spec of star tells a tale
Of the world made to fail
A flicker reveals choices
Of freed men with a voice
Lacking requisite ability
To consider possibilities


Suicide Pact - 2011/08/16

So what is there left to say
Tweaking you brings no return
Even as storms above us churn

Just strap on the worn gloves
Tomorrow the next bout is set
Beaten up is what we both get

Gods in motion do not consult
The pithy of fools who pretend
On each other we do not depend

Lets march twelves paces away
Then we can turn and both fire
Which mortuary shall they hire

Whatever will observers think
Two grown adults acting fools
Grunting and bucking as mules

Hey lets use our launch codes
Forget any longer term merits
As the dying meek can inherit

We agree on mutual assurances
Unless they regard destruction
Yet ignore practical production

Thank goodness this ends soon
As neither of us care to check
Ensuring we dont leave a wreck

Let us leave the past behind
To focus on the final chapter
As neither remains the captor


Desert Jewel - 2011/08/15

Today I went to no mans land
With silence as my companion
Only to be buried alive here
Beneath a spontaneous canyon

It begins with faint breaths
Caressing the most observant
Long before events so hasten
Assaulting the least fervent

Once it picks up any speed
Only then is the idea freed
As sandstorms on the horizon
Before you see it has begun

Chaos is birthed in moments
With no paths of atonement
As the sand bears no warning
For the dying souls mourning

Organized caravans marching
Trapped by evolved cyclones
Scattered past four corners
Is where we see their bones

This morning I was the child
Crying in helpless ignorance
Later I am the weary veteran
With eyes forced open since


Gored - 2011/08/14

Racing through the streets
Between all the barricades
The gathered crowds scream
Loving this violent parade

They are coming
I can hear the hooves
Its hot breath on my neck
My bravery this now proves

Growls of the trapped echo
Charging in mindless intent
Later the mob will so claim
That some safety was absent

My feet were moving
Now I am flying quick
Over bloodied cobblestone
Glancing below I feel sick

A race has become a rending
Though I experience no pain
Knowing a tragedy will fade
As blood is cleaned by rain

They are screaming
Having forgot to cheer
For the parade has halted
And not for my death I fear


Dear Leader - 2011/08/13

He is that filler for our blanks
Or whatever you desire him to be
Claiming to be a powerful leader
Convinced of what nobody can see
What wistful words please people
While his actions reveal the lie
For we speak of the slippery man
Who is silent after we query why

He twists and he turns every way
Much like a circus contortionist
Gazing around us with empty eyes
Forging understanding to subsist
His tone is strong and steadfast
Yet his cerebrum seems paralyzed
For we chase a long term fantasy
An utter fool might have devised

Soon the aftermath will be plain
Yet by then it shall be too late
Though some wise sages may posit
We are already tied to that fate
Though by that I really mean you
For I am the fly free of the web
Whereas you now remain entrapped
While your hopes continue to ebb


A Dish Best Served - 2011/08/10

Tomorrow the yellow sun dawns
On the day of which I dreamed
After fighting tooth and nail
It is more real than I deemed
Written off and quite ignored
This became the accepted vibe
While the empty headed pikers
Spewed much inconsistent jibe

You will undoubtedly be upset
Assuming you really even care
But give it a couple of weeks
And your anger shant be there
For some of you this is false
The nasty grudge will persist
To those I would simply state
Angry urchins I will not miss


Outcasts Creed - 2011/08/09

This smoldering ruin lies still
Refugees wander where they will
Unable to stare into an expanse
To try and nullify their trance
Dark hearts so woven with greed
Transposed our wants into needs
Let them die howls that peasant
Only to see that is his present

Yes I dream of watching it burn
As they seem unwilling to learn
Society is a fabric which binds
While blind faith coddles minds
It is not our fate which I fear
I know they still will not hear
What end shall it serve to burn
The one thing they do not spurn

I tried to rage into this night
Even as I knew I lost the fight
Yet each day the will to scream
Is silenced quietly by a regime
Which refuses to ever apologize
While sporting a token disguise
For they have bankrupted hearts
Of thralls acting out the parts


Transcendence Part V - 2011/08/07

In prehistoric oceans it slept
Assaulted by the wayward dream
Nestled between fiends extinct
Hidden beneath the gulf stream
This should have been soothing
Except the creature was damned
It could not shut out memories
With which its mind was jammed

They taunted him with the tale
Of the simple man in his prime
Who set his sight on the world
With plenty of dreams and time
Yet then came the terrible day
On which I swallowed him whole
After I posed him the question
His hastiness took a hard toll

Our positions quickly switched
Me freed from immortal torment
As eons ago I did not consider
My answer which I would resent
He has no name which I do know
For that matter neither have I
Living eternally does not mean
That you yourself will not die


Transcendence Part IV - 2011/08/06

A storm was brewing in the air
Preceded by the light downpour
Urging a stiff troller to wake
As he slept on the boats floor
When he awoke he saw a horizon
Which had so obviously changed
This weather was out of season
And many stars were rearranged

He rowed home through the rain
Feeling as a stranger in exile
Unaware of reward that awaited
While he rowed that final mile
When he actually saw the shore
It took him moments to realize
That there was no more village
Nor his clan to serve as prize

He saw the ruins of that jetty
Where he had launched long ago
And those lush green foothills
Which were now covered in snow
Scattered in the sand was wood
Aged remnants of familiar huts
And then the troller collapsed
Changed by these thousand cuts


Transcendence Part III - 2011/08/05

And so the days became moments
While months felt like minutes
Yet the time became disjointed
Moving cyclically between fits
They all sat silent in thought
Contemplating vexing questions
Sacrificing volumes of notions
As we would broken possessions

The query voiced was so simple
Yet an answer eluded he and it
What changes the nature of man
Alas no solution had been writ
In awhile silence found an end
The ex troller found an answer
He uttered the dark word death
Knowing that he was the cancer

It made a mad thunderous sound
Which could only be it weeping
For the troller would be freed
Leaving it to live on sleeping
For once long ago it was a man
Who quickly answered with time
Turning into an immortal beast
With ages to realize his crime


Transcendence Part II - 2011/08/04

A crescendo rose all about him
As man and craft were uplifted
For a brief moment he was free
Alas the winds of fate shifted
Within this eclipse unexpected
Everything happened quite fast
Locked in the belly of a beast
Even loneliness could not last

It spoke from inside his skull
At a volume arguably crippling
Its words so indistinguishable
The echoes left water rippling
It seemed to feel his reaction
Shrewdly adjusted its approach
Then so thought to communicate
In a manner above his reproach

Time became that artifact lost
Drifting aimlessly sans course
For it talked for one eternity
After sharing its deep remorse
It told him of souls long lost
Later on he returned the favor
By telling this timeless being
About this world it so savored


Transcendence Part I - 2011/08/03

In this land many leagues away
The troller launched his sloop
Without a catch he will starve
As salt water cannot make soup
Little did he know on this day
His life will be deconstructed
By the scourge of the deep sea
So doing what he is instructed

In the beautiful August breeze
The unsettling sounds bristled
Still just unconsciously aware
He enjoyed it all and whistled
After he very nearly dozed off
Dark shivers tickled his spine
Which is when he used his eyes
And found things were not fine

Yes the vivid summer sun shone
But the water beneath was dark
Indicating dangers much larger
Than a typical murdering shark
The shadow was triple the size
Of any ship sailing these seas
That is when the troller knelt
Oh sweet Lord have mercy on me


Quarantine - 2011/08/02

Welcome to our decaying sprawl
Home to this new age emptiness
Safety and health are luxuries
In our hole where more is less

Walk the streets paved in gold
So you cannot find them either
Seek out the wealthy and happy
As we the peasants are neither

Children are educated in hovels
By mothers starving out of love
When fathers go out to scavenge
Through trash fallen from above

Pick up a gun for your hot meal
Kill without question for a bed
Claim a spot in the empty shell
Of the lie trapped in your head

Stare into the sun if you shall
Hate alone will never topple it
For that you must awaken others
Inducing thralls to give a shit

So we sit idle amid our disease
Only vaguely aware of our roles
As we are but mechanisms abused
When we do not have any control