Just Say No - 2011/08/21

I took a trip to the zoo today
Where in a cage I glimpsed man
He was verily hairy and unkept
Yet no where did I see his van
His voice echoed when he spoke
Beckoning me over to iron bars
He so told me I need to escape
Find the keys and borrow a car

Something begged me to rethink
Yet I was living for a mission
As this man was the son of God
Who had come to me in a vision
So I rolled up another fat one
Lit it and inhaled those fumes
Imagining an army of sorcerers
Calling angels in smoke plumes

I tried to swipe a set of keys
While obviously I was too slow
As an old zoo keeper caught me
The poor fool would not let go
He dragged me back to the cage
Where I pleaded for some grace
Even as the mans face vanished
To reveal an ugly monkeys face

Oh no this was one clever ruse
Apes now made me their trinket
I was moved into the iron cage
Without a hope of being acquit
Throngs of them came to see me
Preparing plans for domination
For I was the stoner in a cage
A reason for human deportation

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