My Storms Eye - 2011/08/27

I woke and found a vast silence
The foreign invader in my world
I opened the front door to view
Results of my maladies unfurled
There were not even ruins there
Nor the tiniest speck to remind
That this was absolute solitude
In an eternal prison I designed

I had planned on just departing
If the silence became too tough
However once free of my masters
I knew I would never get enough
Here beyond their reach I exist
With the passion to contemplate
What is it about a few thoughts
That this world decided to hate

I am within the eye of my storm
For soon even I shall acquiesce
Will that next front destroy me
Or is it a harbinger of success
It matters not as I will return
To my new safehouse of solitude
Where my questions are the fuel
Allowing radical ideas to brood

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