Outcasts Creed - 2011/08/09

This smoldering ruin lies still
Refugees wander where they will
Unable to stare into an expanse
To try and nullify their trance
Dark hearts so woven with greed
Transposed our wants into needs
Let them die howls that peasant
Only to see that is his present

Yes I dream of watching it burn
As they seem unwilling to learn
Society is a fabric which binds
While blind faith coddles minds
It is not our fate which I fear
I know they still will not hear
What end shall it serve to burn
The one thing they do not spurn

I tried to rage into this night
Even as I knew I lost the fight
Yet each day the will to scream
Is silenced quietly by a regime
Which refuses to ever apologize
While sporting a token disguise
For they have bankrupted hearts
Of thralls acting out the parts

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