A Past Discarded - 2011/08/20

Legions of great giants march
Shoulder to shoulder standing
Fearing the blades of insects
Whose realm is ever expanding
Once again mates are murdered
As giants stand valiant watch
Persisting in preserving peace
Refusing to kick it up a notch

Individually we kill in stealth
Slitting their throats expertly
All we have builds on shoulders
Likes of which you will not see
Gaze upon a race that is fading
For their numbers are dwindling
Their bones are great monuments
Yet consumed like mere kindling

I see a future of lonely plains
Abandoned by the once tall host
For we wielded bloodthirstiness
As if it was our single riposte
True tenants lay by the wayside
As we have our swords to advise
Who shall become the next target
For the misery we love to devise

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