Quarantine - 2011/08/02

Welcome to our decaying sprawl
Home to this new age emptiness
Safety and health are luxuries
In our hole where more is less

Walk the streets paved in gold
So you cannot find them either
Seek out the wealthy and happy
As we the peasants are neither

Children are educated in hovels
By mothers starving out of love
When fathers go out to scavenge
Through trash fallen from above

Pick up a gun for your hot meal
Kill without question for a bed
Claim a spot in the empty shell
Of the lie trapped in your head

Stare into the sun if you shall
Hate alone will never topple it
For that you must awaken others
Inducing thralls to give a shit

So we sit idle amid our disease
Only vaguely aware of our roles
As we are but mechanisms abused
When we do not have any control

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