Solar Testimony - 2011/08/19

Spec of dirt tells a tale
Behind the growl and wail
Maw of dead earth yawning
With twilight now dawning
Ready to embrace a return
Of those willing to learn

Down any derelict street
Lies the hovels disowned
Empty shells of promises
Ever repeated and cloned
Cities of canvas emanate
Army of maggots breeding
Willing to take by force
Morsels they are needing

Spark wafting so ignites
Kindling laid for flames
What follows is the fate
History gives many names
Yet while they all swear
That we shall not forget
It is a curse of a child
Which is the real threat

Spec of star tells a tale
Of the world made to fail
A flicker reveals choices
Of freed men with a voice
Lacking requisite ability
To consider possibilities

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