Suicide Pact - 2011/08/16

So what is there left to say
Tweaking you brings no return
Even as storms above us churn

Just strap on the worn gloves
Tomorrow the next bout is set
Beaten up is what we both get

Gods in motion do not consult
The pithy of fools who pretend
On each other we do not depend

Lets march twelves paces away
Then we can turn and both fire
Which mortuary shall they hire

Whatever will observers think
Two grown adults acting fools
Grunting and bucking as mules

Hey lets use our launch codes
Forget any longer term merits
As the dying meek can inherit

We agree on mutual assurances
Unless they regard destruction
Yet ignore practical production

Thank goodness this ends soon
As neither of us care to check
Ensuring we dont leave a wreck

Let us leave the past behind
To focus on the final chapter
As neither remains the captor

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