Transcendence Part I - 2011/08/03

In this land many leagues away
The troller launched his sloop
Without a catch he will starve
As salt water cannot make soup
Little did he know on this day
His life will be deconstructed
By the scourge of the deep sea
So doing what he is instructed

In the beautiful August breeze
The unsettling sounds bristled
Still just unconsciously aware
He enjoyed it all and whistled
After he very nearly dozed off
Dark shivers tickled his spine
Which is when he used his eyes
And found things were not fine

Yes the vivid summer sun shone
But the water beneath was dark
Indicating dangers much larger
Than a typical murdering shark
The shadow was triple the size
Of any ship sailing these seas
That is when the troller knelt
Oh sweet Lord have mercy on me

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