Transcendence Part II - 2011/08/04

A crescendo rose all about him
As man and craft were uplifted
For a brief moment he was free
Alas the winds of fate shifted
Within this eclipse unexpected
Everything happened quite fast
Locked in the belly of a beast
Even loneliness could not last

It spoke from inside his skull
At a volume arguably crippling
Its words so indistinguishable
The echoes left water rippling
It seemed to feel his reaction
Shrewdly adjusted its approach
Then so thought to communicate
In a manner above his reproach

Time became that artifact lost
Drifting aimlessly sans course
For it talked for one eternity
After sharing its deep remorse
It told him of souls long lost
Later on he returned the favor
By telling this timeless being
About this world it so savored

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