Transcendence Part III - 2011/08/05

And so the days became moments
While months felt like minutes
Yet the time became disjointed
Moving cyclically between fits
They all sat silent in thought
Contemplating vexing questions
Sacrificing volumes of notions
As we would broken possessions

The query voiced was so simple
Yet an answer eluded he and it
What changes the nature of man
Alas no solution had been writ
In awhile silence found an end
The ex troller found an answer
He uttered the dark word death
Knowing that he was the cancer

It made a mad thunderous sound
Which could only be it weeping
For the troller would be freed
Leaving it to live on sleeping
For once long ago it was a man
Who quickly answered with time
Turning into an immortal beast
With ages to realize his crime

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