Transcendence Part V - 2011/08/07

In prehistoric oceans it slept
Assaulted by the wayward dream
Nestled between fiends extinct
Hidden beneath the gulf stream
This should have been soothing
Except the creature was damned
It could not shut out memories
With which its mind was jammed

They taunted him with the tale
Of the simple man in his prime
Who set his sight on the world
With plenty of dreams and time
Yet then came the terrible day
On which I swallowed him whole
After I posed him the question
His hastiness took a hard toll

Our positions quickly switched
Me freed from immortal torment
As eons ago I did not consider
My answer which I would resent
He has no name which I do know
For that matter neither have I
Living eternally does not mean
That you yourself will not die

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