I, Parasite - 2011/09/29

This morning I awoke
With the urge to go and pray
But since I am a greedy fuck
I am just gonna rob ya today

I will not use a gun
Nor will I threaten your life
But I will take all you have
To starve your kids and wife

I am certainly not evil
I have not broken any laws
I got a right to all the cash
I can hold in my greasy paws

You say people are dying
I wonder why I should care
Cause I cannot make a profit
Helping all you peasants there

Sure we have the resources
To save everybody with needs
But why would I want to invest
In my soul by doing good deeds

One day I shall have it all
Even if I die my kids continue
To follow my lead down a path
At the end of which we own you


Perspective Vortex - 2011/09/26

Sometime soon in the year 2525
Gods will see our classic jive
Course by then we will be dead
Regardless of whatever is said
Maybe verse shall be preserved
Though it will not be deserved
By this hand it shall not last
Easily forgotten it fades fast

Tomorrow is the new anachronism
Ignoring it now avoids a schism
Split asunder with my confusion
We wish to indulge in seclusion
How do we bother to give a damn
When the eternal life is a sham
Tomorrow may very well not come
Might as well make time for fun

What pray tell is the moral here
I lack an answer to share I fear
For my confusion runs quite deep
Into my daily life it shall seep
Will our childrens children stay
Alive for the third millenia day
I believe that this answer is no
Though does it even matter if so


Ye Olde Filthy Mind - 2011/09/25

You wield the mile long stare
Even as I pretend not to care
Your vacant eyes have no hope
For you are just a wimpy dope
You cried so hard when I said
Find your mom and share a bed

Come one come all to the meet
We have much room grab a seat
Our state has problems indeed
So on our knees we will plead
All who disagree have no heart
I the executioner play my part

There was that man from Butts
Over whom everybody went nuts
Even as there was great doubt
Nobody wished to expend clout
So on the night Georgia willed
His precious blood was spilled

On all the roads I drive slow
As quick as the moped will go
The people show their fingers
Or scream out obscene zingers
I am Dewey I lack a real name
Drive tanked you get the same


To Hell Mr Jones - 2011/09/22

Panes of glass shatter
You hope for a ricochet
Instead you get a splatter

It has not happened yet
Gravity maintains control
Sell sell sell when upset

Look at the smoking crater
A fissure many leagues deep
Spelunkers are the traitors

A single tear breaks free
Tumbling into dark depths
Beyond where eyes can see

Is it ever going to return
Or is it eternally trapped
In minds which never learn


Radio Flyer - 2011/09/21

My memory coated in nostalgia
Occupies a spot in the corner
With nightmares of the future
Beckoning throngs of mourners

Obviously soon to be replaced
Despite being a true survivor
Once a catalyst for adventure
Awaiting that ultimate driver

So then one day it disappears
By ways we were not proposing
Confirming the unspoken fears
That the great era is closing

Cry for that dear radio flyer
For it has just passed beyond
Never to return even to visit
As another day has now dawned

As a deep gentle voice speaks
Echoes of that the final word
Touch anybody who still seeks
Truth in aged visions blurred


Homogeneous - 2011/09/18

Words of the figureheads
Are heard over many miles
The lies contained within
Contradict facts in files
You know this matters not
As we thrive on delusion
We pick our favorite liar
Using our chosen illusion

They weave the tapestries
We teach babies to revere
While recording the tales
Born of ignorance and fear
We pry the ears wide open
Yet the minds remain shut
Ever the lemmings marching
Yet unable to make the cut

No matter the color we don
We strive for a conformity
Rendering all the thinkers
The newly despised minority
In the world of information
Ignorance is now a currency
Which is spent on a fantasy
Awash in our poison chablis


Eyes of Glass - 2011/09/14

The wankers came
They hit us hard
They rule us now
We are fucktards

The booze flowed
So we got smashed
Laughing it up
As others clashed

The drugs shipped
Everybody got high
Are there raindrops
Or tears in the sky

Supplies diminished
We opened our eyes
Finally sober enough
To point out the lies

Here in a dingy room
Shitty stained walls
The stench was truth
Listening took balls

It is time to sleep
In a moth eaten bed
Or to burn it clean
With hands and head


A Sorry Song - 2011/09/12

She wanted a solace I did not provide
Angry because I left her empty inside

She reached out looking for some hope
Instead she called and found this dope

She clammed up thus returning my favor
The taste of loneliness we do not savor

So here I sit wanting to bridge the gap
Unable to explain beyond a childish rap

She has every right to share her wrath
It was my mouth that set us on this path

She will not speak though I long for it
My heart howls a regret I cannot transmit


Blood Debt - 2011/09/11

One very dreary day
They strolled into a home
Burned it to the ground
Murdering everyone around

A few days later
Me and others struck back
With the rifles and knives
We murdered kids and wives

Months beyond that
The battle lines were drawn
And two cities then clashed
Leaving hopes of peace dashed

Many years crawled by
The war slowly spreading
Legions of dead were burned
The living were unconcerned

We bear a great debt
That we fight daily to repay
Spilling blood to fill a hole
Sense of which we do not extol

So here we are today
Fighting on many fronts
Lacking any real reason why
Except ours is to do and die


Decade Wasted - 2011/09/10

It was a time about ten years ago
That those trade centers you know
Became dust from whence they came
After which life was not the same

Our airports are full of security
Still the underwear bomber got in
New York city has raised its army
While bombs are left now and then

If they are indeed the terrorists
Then it stands to reason they won
As we are living in absolute fear
Behind the barrels of a hired gun

Are you and your family any safer
With people imprisoned sans trial
As the drones assassinate at will
Killing civilians while it smiles

Come tomorrow just a decade later
Lets move on to something greater
While considering the insane cost
Of the decade that all of us lost


Sickly Flock - 2011/09/07

Portraits render strains of blight
Trapped behind immaculate fictions
Like one HIV infectee in the craze
Spreading miseries before eviction
Under empty gray skies storms brew
Great rumbles of thunder muttering
With the unfortunate souls trapped
Hoping to forget dreams sputtering

Once independent entities scheming
They found a solace in one another
Working in perfect synchronization
Yesterdays enemy is todays brother
So never shall an opportunity pass
For them to share and you to enjoy
When spreading all forms of misery
Is their choice rather than a ploy


Fodder - 2011/09/05

I see that automatic in your hand
Shiny nickel plated piece of shit
Where are you taking that shooter
To gun down a man or scare a twit
I guess it really dont matter tho
Some fool is gonna die regardless
But lets not pretend the violence
Has justification or is righteous

Mother and children taking a walk
Are either dead or condition dire
Having walked into an empty space
You filled with lots of live fire
Did you even hit the motherfucker
Or like yet another pig at trough
Is it just the wanton destruction
You desire because it got you off

Sure the questions are rhetorical
Millenia of history leave answers
Some of us are the hapless victim
While a scant few are the cancers
So welcome to a sad vicious cycle
Where wolves devour all the sheep
Who themselves are left the world
So what was sown they surely reap


X Marks the Spot - 2011/09/04

A placid sun shined brightly
There was a gleam in his eye
Now strung out on everything
He stretched his arms to fly
In a window fifty stories up
The flight of the body began
Falling from start to finish
Until colliding with a sedan

Come evening street cleaners
Frantically worked on stains
Trying to remove a dark scar
Made of the blood and brains
Whilst the insurance company
Worked to deny policy claims
Of many suffering the damage
Unleashed by a junkies games

Like most you work to forget
Slipping back into a routine
Filling your mind with fluff
To ignore what you have seen
Subconsciously you recognize
Whether you wanted it or not
As you walk down that street
X will always mark that spot


Cast Away - 2011/09/03

If it were our prison wall
I would use a sledgehammer
Giving my life to demolish
Warden of organized clamor
If it were my desert oasis
I would use cracking hands
To bury that place forever
And damn surrounding lands

Do not mistake the meaning
I come only for the jester
For funny though he may be
He allowed evils to fester
Gaze upon the simple props
Left here for simple minds
Stare into the hateful sun
For the truth as it blinds

In a desperate last resort
They call me a provocateur
Dispatching armies of lies
Born of fantasies obscured
Though they cannot hurt me
Their ghost in the machine
Now neither judge nor jury
I reside somewhere between


Disconnect - 2011/09/01

It is the static in his head
Simply a cacophony of voices
Each demanding the attention
Better spent on many choices
It is the speaker so mounted
That it will not be silenced
Except through extreme means
Of mad sabotage and violence

He tore a cord from the wall
Only to hear laughters reply
For their reach was extended
By batteries that do not die
His fist shattered the glass
Creating quite a bloody mess
Even as it was communication
Which so caused his distress

What manner of torture is it
Ethereal voices which follow
Plaguing us for every moment
Every dawn harder to swallow
Where hides treasured solace
In which a silence permeates
So he can be rid of stalkers
And the insanity they create

Juxtaposition - 2011/09/01

Penniless and naked
Snowfall is the murderer
Alive and well fed
Salmonella comes to kill

Behold the seesaw
Where each side balances
With consequences
For doing what you will

Prosperous and educated
The poor serve as enemies
Pious and ever generous
Dark thoughts chained up

Our simple existence
Is unexplainably complex
The battle lines drawn
A world is ready to erupt

Eat Shit Sleep Wake
At some point we screw
This is the program
That drives me and you

Yet it is corrupted
Or seems so upon review
Perhaps it is time
For new ideas to debut