Fodder - 2011/09/05

I see that automatic in your hand
Shiny nickel plated piece of shit
Where are you taking that shooter
To gun down a man or scare a twit
I guess it really dont matter tho
Some fool is gonna die regardless
But lets not pretend the violence
Has justification or is righteous

Mother and children taking a walk
Are either dead or condition dire
Having walked into an empty space
You filled with lots of live fire
Did you even hit the motherfucker
Or like yet another pig at trough
Is it just the wanton destruction
You desire because it got you off

Sure the questions are rhetorical
Millenia of history leave answers
Some of us are the hapless victim
While a scant few are the cancers
So welcome to a sad vicious cycle
Where wolves devour all the sheep
Who themselves are left the world
So what was sown they surely reap

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