I, Parasite - 2011/09/29

This morning I awoke
With the urge to go and pray
But since I am a greedy fuck
I am just gonna rob ya today

I will not use a gun
Nor will I threaten your life
But I will take all you have
To starve your kids and wife

I am certainly not evil
I have not broken any laws
I got a right to all the cash
I can hold in my greasy paws

You say people are dying
I wonder why I should care
Cause I cannot make a profit
Helping all you peasants there

Sure we have the resources
To save everybody with needs
But why would I want to invest
In my soul by doing good deeds

One day I shall have it all
Even if I die my kids continue
To follow my lead down a path
At the end of which we own you

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