Perspective Vortex - 2011/09/26

Sometime soon in the year 2525
Gods will see our classic jive
Course by then we will be dead
Regardless of whatever is said
Maybe verse shall be preserved
Though it will not be deserved
By this hand it shall not last
Easily forgotten it fades fast

Tomorrow is the new anachronism
Ignoring it now avoids a schism
Split asunder with my confusion
We wish to indulge in seclusion
How do we bother to give a damn
When the eternal life is a sham
Tomorrow may very well not come
Might as well make time for fun

What pray tell is the moral here
I lack an answer to share I fear
For my confusion runs quite deep
Into my daily life it shall seep
Will our childrens children stay
Alive for the third millenia day
I believe that this answer is no
Though does it even matter if so

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