Muted Murmurs - 2011/10/25

"Let there be light," and so there was. Not through any provable concept but only because. A pounding headache accompanied that morning amongst the forest birds chirping. If only to distract from the wild nightmares they are now usurping.

Day became night and the night became a blur. Throughout the commotion not a single inner demon could stir. Yet no matter how exquisitely planned, time always ran out. Dragging any temporary solace into an all around rout.

A great stench proceeds the coming of the mile long disgusting vanguard. When onlookers from many far off places sense it, they instinctively know the future will be hard. Yet for the indigenous population it is a joke in which they are not the fool. So they point, laugh and mock only memorializing the fact they are obtuse as well as cruel.

Fantastic tales procreate nonstop filling invisible airwaves. From space, the seas and even as far back as the caves. Much like their targeted fan bases, they come and they go. Can one exist without the other, chances are nobody will ever know.


Belligerent Thinker - 2011/10/23

When the flickering fluorescent light overhead allows, scrawls on a spoiled bathroom wall draw my eye. That scribble tells of a time when the author was happy and high. I wonder if he ever stopped and wondered, why why why?

The glare of red lights blind me for what looks to be at least ten miles ahead. There are no honking horns or screams of anger but we all know what is floating in everybodies head.  I wonder whether this is due to a fender bender, morbid curiousity or is some poor soul dead?

The smoldering ruins of a once great edifice simmer there on display. Its purpose has been served and it is now being forced to make way. I wonder is this the fate that we all shall suffer one day?

The speeches of many have ceased to make nary a difference in my mind. For in their streams of weasel words there is no nugget of truth for me to find. I wonder then why do I choose to allow then to direct my existence as they are so obviously blind?

Therein lies the plight of the one whose eyes are wired so wide open. He spends his life expecting only the worst yet deep down he is still secretly hoping. I know that if he is right, the world will have a terrible time when it comes to coping.


Living the Dream - 2011/10/21

I gunned down my good friend today. Don't even bother I already know what you are going to say. I have no excuse that you will tolerate. Therefore I am content to simply absorb your hate. Thank goodness it was not actually real. Dying in video games is a pain nobody can feel.

I broke into a facility and stole classified information. All of it was far beyond my station. I lied, cheated, snuck and slithered my way inside. Truth be told it was quite the ride. Did I mention that I died fifty thousand times? I just reload when I am punished for my crimes.

I oversaw the extinction of many indigenous species. To deny it would only add to the feces. I single handedly eradicated them with a blade, that I just yesterday sat down and made. Did I mention that I gained many levels? Just a few more and I will murder all the other devils.

I pooled the money of suckers and blew it on a stupid bet. When it went bad I just let everybody else pay my debt. My lifestyle of excess was not disturbed and I in no way care that you are perturbed. My actions have caused your life to fall apart, yet the fact I am living the dream is the best part!


Occupied - 2011/10/16

Spit on me dear patriot if you must. In this broken system I cannot put my trust. Why has the bridge across troubled waters collapsed, even after so much change has elapsed? If there ever was list on which we are number one; it is the list of those over, out and done.

Follow in the footsteps of those who have come before. Never mind what the immediate future has in store. Rise to the top on promises of a better world, built on lies and hopes that are hopelessly swirled. Convince most of them you may very well, while a handful of realists realize it is a product to sell.

That was the spark that ignited a wide swath of flame. It is raging and will soon be impossible to tame. They march with signs in their hands and a pittance of hope on their sleeves, in a final attempt to escape the web many still weave. Arrest them if you must, but your facilities shall not hold. For these people are the vanguard of the ever burgeoning bold.

They shall devour the world for their time has arrived. In which we are ridiculed by those who have survived. The foundations of our great edifices now smolder; courtesy of the peasants we gave a cold shoulder. Let me assure you it was a wicked world but they found hope, while the architects of the debasement swung from a rope.


Deadbeat 101 - 2011/10/14

Have you ever wondered how to be a deadbeat? If yes I know somebody you ought to meet. He solicits your services and then dangles payment leaving you to become his next angry claimant. Like a stranger luring children with candy, he believes this situation is fine and dandy.

I sent the man a bill for services rendered. I received the typical result such efforts engendered. He ignored the bill knowing what would ensue, once thirty days had passed and it became past due. When the deadline came and absconded it was then that I again corresponded.

His response was fiery and full of hurt. He did not care for the leverage I was threatening to exert. He claimed that stopping all work was hurting everybody involved. You can imagine how the conversation further devolved. Needless to say he promised to pay the following week. Never ever trust the words of a known sneak.

The following week came by, waved hello and then departed. The lack of a check brought us to a place uncharted. I sent a letter which indicated my intention to sever, all ties with the deadbeat now and forever. A few days passed and there was absolutely no reply. Only after that did things go even more awry.

I received a note indicating my check was just sent overnight along with a load of crap explaining the massive oversight. The deadbeat also decided that he wanted me on a retainer. So there would be a second check in the container. Both checks arrived and to my great surprise, he became an even bigger douche bag in my eyes.

The first check was fine and everything checked out. The next one however is what this composition is about. You see it wasn't enough to just send the check along for future work.  No this cheap skate moron decided to be a massive jerk. On the stub in big sloppy script, was the note he left over which I flipped.

The implication was that I would take the money and run. As if it was my lack of ethics over which this disagreement had begun. So that is why I decided to put that check to great use. You see, I might have used it to wipe my smelly caboose. It goes without saying that it shall be returned.  For that is the wrath of the vendor the deadbeat has spurned.


Broken Record - 2011/10/13

It appears to be that time again. You know, the time where you annoy me yet again? Congratulations you have managed to find the excuse, to shove your holy rolling crap right up my caboose.

I am not going to lie to you today. Instead I am going to say what I have always wanted to say. If you want to preach, you better find another dupe.  Because I have had enough of your neverending poop.

Of course you are not the only one. Some knock on the door and let me have some fun. But you are afraid to address it head on, instead  choosing to debate the topic when I am gone.

I of course have tried to engage you like an adult. Sadly your maturity is locked away in a vault. So the time has come to respond much like a child, whom you have beaten and driven extremely wild.

Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up. I am absolutely beyond fed up.  Your words are devoid of any real impact. So please zip your lip and show a bit of tact!


Wakey Wakey - 2011/10/11

Sweat beads manifest obscuring the fever in my veins. The party is just getting started while lethargy hobbles my brains.  Spiraling lights percolate blurry darkening visions. Others try to rouse me with targeted verbal incisions. Their voices are muted originating from another world.  They cannot nor shall they interrupt the insanity I have unfurled.

My time in a sick mind races toward an untimely end. The residents have lined up only too willing to defend. Between their pulling and your tugging, I return to reality ready for my mugging. Yet all I want to do is turn around and go back. Damn you real world and your non stop attack.

Later after time resumes its typical advance, do I dare to take a moment and steal a precious glance. While the fantastic splendor is all but decimated, I find the fever that spawned it has now abated. No words or comments are required for me to understand. This is the work of life and its ever miserable hand.


He of Many Faces - 2011/10/08

I am your liar and your bastard
I am whatever you wish me to be
I am here to fill the cold void
With deep seated ridicule of me

I am a target affixed to a door
I am the salesman for the darts
I am a bullseye you always miss
Why you must break it all apart

I am the one failing to explain
I am the cruel laughter arising
I am with minorities that haunt
Those who could be enterprising

I am the whet stone calling out
I am an instrument of precision
I am a change you silently seek
You need only to own a decision

I am an unlit and unmapped path
I am a harbinger of tough times
I am one now unable to convince
So I have resorted to my rhymes

I am an insanity seeking a cure
I am truly a man dying each day
I am desperate to share a piece
I am an asshole but call me jay

Too Bad So Sad - 2011/10/08

Those eyes are quite weary
Struggling to remain open
A mind is begging for rest
As it is weary from hoping
Voices reach out from afar
Begging for reconsideration
Only to turn quite vicious
When provided the causation

Watch the dutch door action
As all sides end up screwed
Nobody here plays the hero
So they should all be booed
Both shall leave believing
Their side was truly right
It is doubtful either side
Will learn from their fight

So long thanks for the cash
We appreciated all your work
Well dont screw the next guy
Fuck off you bull head jerk
This is the wheel that turns
Round and round so very slow
Fueled by force of ego alone
Shall it stop we do not know


Ball Busting Bandit - 2011/10/05

He drives a big rig truck
Cause matchbox cars suck
He overuses his loud horn
When he feels sedan scorn
Yes sir he is the trucker
His road aint for suckers
Hes shifting to fifth gear
Just to fill you with fear

Better stay outta his way
As he might ram you today
Dont worry we are all chaps
Hes got naked lady mudflaps
When he stops late at night
He has a drink and a light
Before he heads off to bed
Dreams of home in his head


American Die - 2011/10/04

A long long time ago
I can still remember
How money made me smile

Fast forward onto today
Some dream of a hot meal
Cause it has been awhile

I took my wallet to my bank
But their funds had run dry
The bank tellers were there
Sipping on whiskey and rye
Singing today the banks die

All about infrastructure fell
Toxic dust assaulted my lungs
We were murdering terrorists
While loons spoke in tongues
Unable to grab the last rungs

Some voted for talking clowns
Others marched asking for hope
Many simply tried to ignore it
Only to play the role of dope
Swinging from the bloody rope

Those in power argued illusion
Simply rearranging deck chairs
As the ship sunk beneath waves
People turned to petty prayers
Though the fate was all theirs

I took my thoughts to voice
But every brain had run dry
The politicians were there
Choking on whiskey and rye
I turned leaving them to die

A long long time ago
I can still remember
Living somewhere great

Fast forward onto today
I dream of another place
That reality can tolerate


Hee Haw Huh - 2011/10/03

There once was a man
Who had a grand plan
It glittered like gold
Just a few years later
He was a bitter hater
As he was not too bold

There once was a lady
Born in good ole 1980
Who despised her aging
Rushing place to place
Left lines on her face
Over which she is raging

There once was a people
Enslaved by the steeple
With their Gods diverse
They worshiped all sorts
Money beauty and sports
Hell was their universe

There once was a box
Hung in place of clocks
Entrancing all passerby
Time and opportunity died
Many civilizations cried
Never did they wonder why

There once was a poet
Who I wanted to stow it
Yet he would not shut up
We all ignored his words
The growing army of turds
Yet we could not disrupt


Meet Erysichthon - 2011/10/01

High squeals of the pigs echo
While taking them from behind
Whether through choice or not
All they deserve they so find
Here downwind I also smell it
A dismal stench of nasty fear
They will come to get me soon
Though why is not fully clear

Seated around a banquet table
Our hosts serving seared pork
They raise their glasses high
Toasting a victim on the fork
Blood drips from their snouts
As oinks of glee fill the air
We feast upon the dying flesh
Our family but we do not care

Shall I throw this fork aside
Refusing to partake in a game
In which players are devoured
No matter why to die the same
Or shall I ignore the obvious
As I chew flesh of my brother
Toasting to our eternal lives
We who cannibalize each other