American Die - 2011/10/04

A long long time ago
I can still remember
How money made me smile

Fast forward onto today
Some dream of a hot meal
Cause it has been awhile

I took my wallet to my bank
But their funds had run dry
The bank tellers were there
Sipping on whiskey and rye
Singing today the banks die

All about infrastructure fell
Toxic dust assaulted my lungs
We were murdering terrorists
While loons spoke in tongues
Unable to grab the last rungs

Some voted for talking clowns
Others marched asking for hope
Many simply tried to ignore it
Only to play the role of dope
Swinging from the bloody rope

Those in power argued illusion
Simply rearranging deck chairs
As the ship sunk beneath waves
People turned to petty prayers
Though the fate was all theirs

I took my thoughts to voice
But every brain had run dry
The politicians were there
Choking on whiskey and rye
I turned leaving them to die

A long long time ago
I can still remember
Living somewhere great

Fast forward onto today
I dream of another place
That reality can tolerate

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