Belligerent Thinker - 2011/10/23

When the flickering fluorescent light overhead allows, scrawls on a spoiled bathroom wall draw my eye. That scribble tells of a time when the author was happy and high. I wonder if he ever stopped and wondered, why why why?

The glare of red lights blind me for what looks to be at least ten miles ahead. There are no honking horns or screams of anger but we all know what is floating in everybodies head.  I wonder whether this is due to a fender bender, morbid curiousity or is some poor soul dead?

The smoldering ruins of a once great edifice simmer there on display. Its purpose has been served and it is now being forced to make way. I wonder is this the fate that we all shall suffer one day?

The speeches of many have ceased to make nary a difference in my mind. For in their streams of weasel words there is no nugget of truth for me to find. I wonder then why do I choose to allow then to direct my existence as they are so obviously blind?

Therein lies the plight of the one whose eyes are wired so wide open. He spends his life expecting only the worst yet deep down he is still secretly hoping. I know that if he is right, the world will have a terrible time when it comes to coping.

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