Broken Record - 2011/10/13

It appears to be that time again. You know, the time where you annoy me yet again? Congratulations you have managed to find the excuse, to shove your holy rolling crap right up my caboose.

I am not going to lie to you today. Instead I am going to say what I have always wanted to say. If you want to preach, you better find another dupe.  Because I have had enough of your neverending poop.

Of course you are not the only one. Some knock on the door and let me have some fun. But you are afraid to address it head on, instead  choosing to debate the topic when I am gone.

I of course have tried to engage you like an adult. Sadly your maturity is locked away in a vault. So the time has come to respond much like a child, whom you have beaten and driven extremely wild.

Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up. I am absolutely beyond fed up.  Your words are devoid of any real impact. So please zip your lip and show a bit of tact!

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