He of Many Faces - 2011/10/08

I am your liar and your bastard
I am whatever you wish me to be
I am here to fill the cold void
With deep seated ridicule of me

I am a target affixed to a door
I am the salesman for the darts
I am a bullseye you always miss
Why you must break it all apart

I am the one failing to explain
I am the cruel laughter arising
I am with minorities that haunt
Those who could be enterprising

I am the whet stone calling out
I am an instrument of precision
I am a change you silently seek
You need only to own a decision

I am an unlit and unmapped path
I am a harbinger of tough times
I am one now unable to convince
So I have resorted to my rhymes

I am an insanity seeking a cure
I am truly a man dying each day
I am desperate to share a piece
I am an asshole but call me jay

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