Hee Haw Huh - 2011/10/03

There once was a man
Who had a grand plan
It glittered like gold
Just a few years later
He was a bitter hater
As he was not too bold

There once was a lady
Born in good ole 1980
Who despised her aging
Rushing place to place
Left lines on her face
Over which she is raging

There once was a people
Enslaved by the steeple
With their Gods diverse
They worshiped all sorts
Money beauty and sports
Hell was their universe

There once was a box
Hung in place of clocks
Entrancing all passerby
Time and opportunity died
Many civilizations cried
Never did they wonder why

There once was a poet
Who I wanted to stow it
Yet he would not shut up
We all ignored his words
The growing army of turds
Yet we could not disrupt

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