Living the Dream - 2011/10/21

I gunned down my good friend today. Don't even bother I already know what you are going to say. I have no excuse that you will tolerate. Therefore I am content to simply absorb your hate. Thank goodness it was not actually real. Dying in video games is a pain nobody can feel.

I broke into a facility and stole classified information. All of it was far beyond my station. I lied, cheated, snuck and slithered my way inside. Truth be told it was quite the ride. Did I mention that I died fifty thousand times? I just reload when I am punished for my crimes.

I oversaw the extinction of many indigenous species. To deny it would only add to the feces. I single handedly eradicated them with a blade, that I just yesterday sat down and made. Did I mention that I gained many levels? Just a few more and I will murder all the other devils.

I pooled the money of suckers and blew it on a stupid bet. When it went bad I just let everybody else pay my debt. My lifestyle of excess was not disturbed and I in no way care that you are perturbed. My actions have caused your life to fall apart, yet the fact I am living the dream is the best part!

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