Occupied - 2011/10/16

Spit on me dear patriot if you must. In this broken system I cannot put my trust. Why has the bridge across troubled waters collapsed, even after so much change has elapsed? If there ever was list on which we are number one; it is the list of those over, out and done.

Follow in the footsteps of those who have come before. Never mind what the immediate future has in store. Rise to the top on promises of a better world, built on lies and hopes that are hopelessly swirled. Convince most of them you may very well, while a handful of realists realize it is a product to sell.

That was the spark that ignited a wide swath of flame. It is raging and will soon be impossible to tame. They march with signs in their hands and a pittance of hope on their sleeves, in a final attempt to escape the web many still weave. Arrest them if you must, but your facilities shall not hold. For these people are the vanguard of the ever burgeoning bold.

They shall devour the world for their time has arrived. In which we are ridiculed by those who have survived. The foundations of our great edifices now smolder; courtesy of the peasants we gave a cold shoulder. Let me assure you it was a wicked world but they found hope, while the architects of the debasement swung from a rope.

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